Introductory Remarks and a Statement of Purpose from the Founder Anthony Robinson. BA. LLB. GDLP. LLM. SF.VISA Senior Fellow of the Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance

Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance: VISA is a professional alliance of Australian Immigration Solicitors & Barristers: “Migration Lawyers” and Legal & Associated Practitioners dedicated to advocacy, protection of the rule of law and continuing professional development of Australian Immigration & Refugee Law.

We are a community of Legal Practitioners:  Migration, Legal and Ancillary Professionals who share a common set of goals; including the fostering of a greater appreciation within the wider society and Government of the valuable role Legal Practitioners: Solicitors, Barristers – “Immigration Lawyers”, more than any other group, bring to the administration of justice and the Australian Migration System.

VISA wishes to

a) Promote the leadership role of Immigration Solicitors & Barrister: Immigration Lawyers in the ongoing development of a more ethical and competent migration advice profession in Australia;

b) Foster the continuing education and professional development of Members; (Although we are focused on Migration & Refugee Law, we are a broad church and through our corporate partner LEGALWISE, VISA offers a range of CPDs covering many fields of Australian Law. From Criminal & Family Law, to Business & Civil litigation. From Privacy & Human Rights, to Employment & Will/Probate law. 

c) Contribute to increased levels of professionalism, including increasing the level of knowledge and understanding of migration law and practice in the migration advice profession – with particular reference to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT);

d) Provide a forum for liaison with governments, government agencies, the media, industry, business and other organisations;

e) Provide a medium by which Members can effectively communicate with each other;

f) Undertake research relevant to the field of migration including the posting of relevant papers.

g) To offer greater value for money and access to a wide range of superior Member Benefits including discount Business class airfares, discount membership to RACV club, discount and FREE CPDS.


VISA member-only offers are provided by the following innovative companies.

They care about the Immigration & Justice as much as we do.