Introductory Remarks and a Statement of Purpose from the Managing Director Anthony Robinson. BA. LLB. GDLP. LLM. Founder, MD and Senior Fellow of the Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance

Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance. PTY LTD. We are a professional alliance of Australian Immigration Solicitors & Barristers: “Migration Lawyers” and Legal & Associated Practitioners dedicated to advocacy, protection of the rule of law and continuing professional development of Australian Immigration & Refugee Law.

We are a community of Legal Practitioners:  Migration, Legal and Ancillary Professionals who share a common set of goals; including the fostering of a greater appreciation within the wider society and Government of the valuable role Legal Practitioners: Solicitors, Barristers – “Immigration Lawyers”, more than any other group, bring to the administration of justice and the Australian Migration System.

VISA wishes to

a) Promote the leadership role of Immigration Solicitors & Barrister: Immigration Lawyers in the ongoing development of a more ethical and competent migration advice profession in Australia;

b) Foster the continuing education and professional development of Members; (Although we are focused on Migration & Refugee Law, we are a broad church and through our corporate partner LEGALWISE, VISA offers a range of CPDs covering many fields of Australian Law. From Criminal & Family Law, to Business & Civil litigation. From Privacy & Human Rights, to Employment & Will/Probate law. 

c) Contribute to increased levels of professionalism, including increasing the level of knowledge and understanding of migration law and practice in the migration advice profession – with particular reference to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT);

d) Provide a forum for liaison with governments, government agencies, the media, industry, business and other organisations;

e) Provide a medium by which Members can effectively communicate with each other;

f) Undertake research relevant to the field of migration including the posting of relevant papers.

g) To offer greater value for money and access to a wide range of superior Member Benefits including discount Business class airfares, discount membership to RACV club, discount and FREE CPDS.


VISA member-only offers are provided by the following innovative companies.

They care about the Immigration & Justice as much as we do.