Crime and Punishment among Non Citizens

As many know when I first started to practise law I work at Criminal Defense law firm in a particularly rough part of town.  Years later when I started my own law firm I continued to grow criminal defense work as part of AR LAW SERVICES expertise.  It has turn out to be a very fortuitous for me and for my clients.

Since 2014 the growth in the specialist niche area of the law called Crimmigration my law firm has seen an expodential growth in this section of our practise.  In fact our web page has a dedicated section on how we can assist RMA (migration agents) and Lawyers.  [And this we do at a discount rate for VISA members]

In this article I will attempt to highlight that due to this merger of Criminal and Migration Law a second class of people living and working in Australia is being created – and that is not good for any of us.

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