The MIA (The migration institute of Australia) infiltrates the LCA (Law Council of Australia).

Similarly to how Donald Trump has coopeted and gutted the RNC (The Republican National Committee) to serve his purposes, the MIA(the migration agents lobby group) is trying to take control of the immigration lawyers committee of the Law Council of Australia.

The fact that the president of migration agents lobby group gave a speech at the recent LCA conference is alarming in of itself. (Why are the migration agents lobby group sprooking membership at immigration lawyers LCA conference?)

One has only to look at the actions of the former vice president of the MIA Jack Ta to see what the culture of the MIA board has become.

But not only this – both co-chairs of the LCA immigration committee are now MIA members.

It should also be noted that the sponsor of the recent LCA conference was sponsored by a company with very close ties to the MIA.

So, what is the problem with the MIA having control of the LCA migration committee? (Apart from the history of rampant corruption of the MIA board and the vile behaviour of the former MIA president Kevin Lane) The MIA board is driven by the bottom line (greed and exploitation of migrants & refugees). [Jack Ta former MIA vice president epitomises the MIA philosophy]

There is only upside for the MIA board to co-opt and get onboard the LCA coat-tails it give the MIA board gravitas and kudos – but what is in it for the LCA immigration lawyer committee members?

The LCA immigration committee is focused on the rule of law: the protection and promotion of rights of migrants and refugees. The building of a fairer, worlds best migration system – not fleecing naïve migrants and refugees of all they have!

It is a betrayal of the LCA membership to have the LCA co-opted by this migration agents lobby group, the MIA. (If people want to join the MIA that can join – but it is an appalling afront- and disgraceful chicanery – thrust upon the LCA immigration lawyers community to have MIA membership forced down their throats!

This stealthful co-opting – like a frog thrown into a pot of water then slowly brought to the boil – this insidious actions by the fourth columnist must be called out and stopped.

If you want to join the MIA and the corrupt bottom feeders who preyed on refugees and migrants for profit: like the former MIA president Kevin Lane and his cronies did, go a head – but if you want to do good – join the LCA immigration committee or even better join the Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance: VISA!

Either way we simply want the right to choose! Hands off the LCA immigration Lawyers committee…

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