Those whacky guys at the Sydney based migration agents lobby group are at it again!

Don’t call us agents OK!

Those Kooky kids at the Sydney migration agents’ lobby group (mia) just don’t know when to stop.

In the mia report into the efficacy of current regulation of migration agents. 

The mia’s brilliant idea was – rather than protect the rights of refugees and migrants by fixing the problems caused by dodgy migration agents – just change the name

“The MIA would welcome the change of the nomenclature and removal of the term ‘agent’ for registered migration practitioners.”

(Why fix a problem of dodgy migration agents when you can simply rebrand. Ah sheer brilliance. )

Although overwhelming membership of the mia are migration agents there are a few lawyers in their ranks. I wonder what those lawyer members think when their mia president disrespects them and their fellow lawyers in his report when he writes with such contempt about Lawyers writing:

“Many [Lawyers] are also initially quite poor at dealing with the practical administrative burden of tasks such as lodging migration applications, advising on skills assessment requirements and navigating state and territory nominations systems.”
“And [Lawyers] often find having to practice within the framework of legislation, regulations and policy challenging.”

So much for the mia wanting to heal the rift between Lawyers and migration agents!

In closing I would say to all, but particularly the disenfranchised lawyers at the mia, come and join a group where you will be loved and respected – come to where community still lives – for more bang for your professional association buck join the Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance: VISA

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