True Alchemy: Turning migration agents into Immigration Lawyers!

This is a great idea – VISA, as has been clearly demonstrated from our past work , is – unlike some others (without mentioning any dodgy Sydney based migration agent lobby groups in particular) focused on protecting the rights of migrants and refugees, rather than our bottom line.

Consequently we think making all migration agents Immigration Lawyers would be a great leap forward in the promotion of a world class migration system and the protection of migrants and refugee rights.

Therefore VISA commends this initiative from Murdoch Uni:Hello to previous graduates from Murdoch’s migration law programs – have you considered coming back to university to study law and become a legal practitioner? We will be running an online event specifically for our alumni who have graduated from Murdoch University with a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice or a Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law OR even for those who are in WA who have one of these degrees from another institution.

Successful completion of the GCAMLP or the GDAMLP guarantees students admission to one of our law degrees.

Hear from staff at Murdoch University about:- the structure of the law degree, including what credit you can receive for your previous study toward the degree;- interesting opportunities at Murdoch, like mooting, working in our legal clinic or studying overseas;

We will also (briefly) cover pathways to becoming a lawyer after you finish your degree.

There will be an opportunity to hear from current law students who previously completed migration studies at Murdoch.

Online event 26 May 2022 530 pm – 630 pm…/information-evening…

Click here to learn more …

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