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On 16 December 2022 the Attorney General announced that the Federal Government would abolish the AAT and replace it with a new federal administrative review body that is user-focused, efficient, accessible, independent and fair.

This reform aims to (issues paper attached):

  • Establish a new administrative merits review body that is independent and transparent;
  • Ensure the new body is cohesive and its procedures and processes are harmonized where appropriate;
  • Develop a legislative framework that is modern, fit for purpose and provides sufficient flexibility to address changing needs;
  • Adopt a user-friendly design with simple, accessible pathways for applicants;
  • Ensure it facilitates efficient and just resolution of matters where appropriate and possible; and
  • Enhance the quality of administrative decision making across government by creating feedback mechanisms in relation to significant issues and trends in matters before the new body.

The issues paper includes 67 questions to be answered

The document is at the foot of this page – you may need to copy the link and paste into a new “subject bar”

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