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G’day and welcome to our brand new “club”, my name is Robinson, Anthony Robinson and I am the MD of VISA.

Most, I am sure, will know the folk lore of how VISA came to be – so I wont go over it all here, but to say that if, the MIA had had been less focused on self interest and more about build a world class migration system – VISA would probably never got off the drawing board.

As I have always said, I am a member of a few different professional associations and the one thing they have in common is they cost a lot of money and offer crappy “member rewards”.

True VISA is primarily a lobby group and a Free and Discount CPD provider, but what is the point if you can’t get quality and luxury “stuff” – Well at VISA you can.

And what is more – I am going to keep pushing until we have the best free “stuff” that a Member’s reward program has to offer.

Lastly – you may have read me lament the lost sense of community at the MIA (I joined the MIA in 2003 – admittedly a long time ago – but since 2015 the MIA board(all migration agents) has lost it way and consequently the sense of community was lost with it.

So VISA guiding light is to re-kindle or find a sense of community.

In closing, I wish to welcome you to our group and to well in our exciting join adventure.


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