Whited sepulcher? The MIA Board – the Sydney based migration agents lobby group and their former poster boy – Jack Ta!

Although some – a very small number – of the remaining lawyer members of the MIA are trying unsuccessfully to right the ship, ie the MIA board. (Many readers will know VISA believes the good ship MIA has lost her bearing since 2015)

The problem is structural.

The MIA board’s primary motivation is to protect the bottom-line.

It is ludicrous and offensive to see the MIA board attempt to drape themselves with the cloth of compassion by association – to try to tie themselves to causes that promote the rights of Migrants and Refugees, when for years some of their members – some of their very senior members were exploiting vulnerable and desperate migrants and refugees.


Jack Ta, a man whose license to practice has been cancelled by the regulatory body, personifies the MIA board ethos. Not only was he, until very recently a Fellow of the MIA but he was the deputy president of the Victorian branch.

So until the MIA board undertakes structural – root and branch – change, it remains nothing more than mendacious blow hard.

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