Best Migration Manager CRM – VISA members Save over 55% – only $80 per month per user (plus one time set up fee)

What is a CRM:

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of integrated, data-driven software solutions that help manage, track, and store information related to your company’s current and potential customers. By keeping this information in a centralised system, business teams have access to the insights they need, the moment they need them.

Without the support of an integrated CRM solution, your company may miss growth opportunities and lose potential revenue because it’s not optimising operating processes or making the most of customer relationships and sales leads.

Visa CRM, Embracing Innovation with All-in-One Immigration Practice Management System

Ezymigrate is a comprehensive and feature-rich case management software designed for immigration law firms and consultants worldwide. With its extensive array of tools and user-friendly interface, Ezymigrate revolutionises the way you handle immigration cases, document collection, and practice management.

How Ezymigrate Simplifies Immigration Law & Consultancy Practices:

Document Checklisting

This powerful tool ensures that you never miss a required document in your clients’ immigration applications. By providing a comprehensive list of documents needed for each specific case type, document collection becomes simple, accurate and efficient.

Customisable Digital Forms

Collect data the simpler way. This flexible feature allows you to create and tailor forms according to your specific requirements. Collecting client information becomes seamless, ensuring clear and accurate data entry that can be easily integrated into the system.

Marketing & Sales Features

Track marketing campaigns, nurture leads, and convert them into clients effectively. Digital signature and auto-agreement enhance lead conversion rates by simplifying the signing process. Email import and complete email history features ensure that all client communications are captured and easily accessible.

Email Automation & Client Nurturing

Our workflow system standardizes business processes, ensuring consistent and efficient case management. Email automation and integration with platforms like Mailchimp enhance client nurturing and engagement, allowing you to create personalized email campaigns and track their effectiveness.

Accounting System Included

Ezymigrate goes beyond case management by offering accounting features as well. With the ability to create invoices and receipts, you can easily manage your finances and streamline your accounting processes within the same software platform.

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