Great News for VISA Members

As the President and Founding Member of the Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance: VISA, I have dedicated myself to a few guiding principles when make decisions that effect VISA member rewards and benefits.

The most import are “great deals”: that is excellent quality at an incredibly cost effective price. Real Bang for your Buck.

Another is the notion that VISA is a group that is centered around the commitment of building the best Migration System. One that ensure the protection and promotion of human and civil rights for Refugees and Migrants.

Additionally VISA wishes to foster the continuing education and professional development of Members and  contribute to increased levels of professionalism, including increasing the level of knowledge and understanding of migration law and practice in the migration advice profession – with particular reference to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

It is in keep with these guiding concepts that today’s announcement gives me great pride to announce our latest Corporate Partner Crystal Migration Training (CMT).

I have know Ross – the CEO of CMT – for over a decade and in that time he has consistently been at the forefront of legal training.

I was also impressed by his aim in setting up Crystal Migration Training to:

Revolutionize delivery the various types of CPD Programs.

We are not just another approved CPD provider.

Our mission is to ensure that migration practitioners have access to develop their needs whilst completing their CPD’s.

That strikes me as being in keeping with much of what VISA also believes.

So to enjoy 25% off all CMT – CPD Programs and for less than a cheap cup of coffee a week JOIN VISA!

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