Jack Ta and the MIA

The avarice of Jack Ta may have been the motivation to the behavior that lead to the cancellation of his license to practice as a migration agent. For more about jack – click here. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/introducing-migration-agent-jack-ta-20221106-p5bvzr.html

Jack Ta was not only a member of the Sydney based migration agents lobby group: the MIA for almost 20 years – Jack Ta was the Victorian Vice-President of the MIA. And for years Jack was the defacto poster boy for the MIA .

To this day the MIA board have refused to publicly condemn the actions of their man, nor has the MIA board publicly apologized to Ta victims. Perhaps the focus on the bottom line has perverted the vision of the MIA’s board.

Here at VISA, we would ask the ethical question to lawyer members of the MIA – in fact to all MIA members, but particularly to lawyers, why do you remain?

For years the MIA’s foot was upon the throat of Immigration lawyers – the MIA board aggressively fought for years to keep immigration lawyers under the yoke of dual regulation. Now, in addition to years of being treated as second class members of the MIA, is added the stench of corruption – the cancellation of the MIA poster boy and former Vice President – the scandal that is Jack Ta and on top of all of that the MIA charges lawyers almost $600 bucks a year for the pleasure of this odious association!

Friends, you deserve better!

True, when you join VISA, you save about $500 dollars a year compared to avaricious membership fees of the MIA, but more importantly, as a lawyer your name and who you associate with: your reputation – means something. There is a risk that your hard won reputation continues to be debased the longer you allow your name to be associated with this uncontrite MIA board and its ethically questionable direction.

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