Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) Board has lost their moral compass? – – – MIA State President continues the dodgy migration agent tradition of unethical behaviour – Click bait – Bait advertising – False & misleading!

Those wacky guys – or one in particular – from the Sydney based migration agents lobby group the MIA Board are up to it again.

This guy is not only a member of the MIA board but he is a President of the MIA state branch.

This very ethical state President of the MIA is promoting “free PR” (permanent residency – the holy grail of most visa applicants) and then the add goes on to suggest if you call him he (the State President of the MIA the Migration Institute of Australia) will tell you how to get “Free PR”.

“Click bait” and “bait advertising” is a despicable and unethical ploy – and sums up the appalling behaviour that some of the MIA Board has a long reputation for.

One only has to remember the former Vice President of the MIA – Jack Ta.

Introducing migration agent Jack Ta

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Many visa applicants have limited English and to try exploit this: dupe or hoodwink these most vulnerable of people is appalling. So much for the grandiose statement coming out of the MIA board, of “migrants well being is at the foremost concern of the MIA”. It is clear the MIA Board has lost it moral compass!

Once again we see the insincerity of the MIA Board writ large – the state President of the MIA is using “clickbait” and “Bait advertising” to drive people to his web site to promote work and thereby profit.

Despite what the MIA Board says – in all their insincere “touchy feely” statements – the truth is they are focused on the bottom line and will use any unethical trick in the book to boost profits. (Once again putting the Avarice in the MIA)

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