The MIA & Jack Ta: Turning a blind eye to corruption or active collusion? Either way, can immigration lawyers risk association with a group whose Board has such a long, ethically questionable and close history with the MIA vice president Ta?

By VISA staff writer.

Until recently Vice President of the MIA Jack Ta was not only a member of the MIA for over 20 years but he was also a Fellow of the MIA (the Migration Institute Australia). MARA(the migration agent regulatory body) cancelled Vice President of the MIA Jack Ta license. MARA did so for many reasons but the one that stands out is the regulatory body found that Vice President of the MIA Jack Ta’s conduct would have an adverse impact on the reputation of the migration advice industry!!! (See the full report below)

So who is MIA Vice President Jack Ta?

So what happen to MIA Vice President Jack Ta – see public record

What did the MIA Board do? Was it a case of turning a blind eye or was it willful collusion?

Kevin Lane the former President of the MIA and so beloved by the MIA Board, the MIA has named an award after him. It is widely understood that Vice President Jack Ta and Former President of the MIA Kevin Lane had a very close relationship. It is widely rumored that Lane was on “the take” and involved in many dodgy deals similar to those of his Vice President Jack Ta. Either way it is impossible to believe that for over the last twenty (20) years of working closely with the MIA board, the MIA Board did not know what their vice president Jack Ta was up to!

FOR years rumors have been rife about the corrupt behavior of Former MIA President Kevin Lane & Vice President Jack Ta. And what of the fact that even after the Media – newspapers and TV – where running stories regarding the unethical and corrupt behavior of MIA vice president Jack Ta – the MIA board did nothing – it sat on its hands while their vice president Jack Ta: Fellow of the MIA continued to exploit vulnerable refugees and migrants for rapacious profits. The MIA inaction was despicable – their collusion was reprehensible, their ethical ambivalence a disgraceful!

The MIA’s board failure to protect the victims – vulnerable refugees and migrants – of the Vice President of the MIA Jack Ta forfeits its right to represent migration agents and immigration lawyers.

Ethics & Immigration Lawyers

The evidence is overwhelming the MIA’s Board is not fit to be followed nor trusted. As Immigration Lawyers we have an obligation to the Courts and to our clients. To debase our ethical obligations to promote a group such as the Migration Agents group: the MIA, is not only shortsighted but personally detrimental. The stench of the corruption of the MIA President Lane and the odium surrounding of the MIA’ Vice President Jack Ta – it is no longer an option for ethical lawyers to turn a blind eye!

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