The MIA (Migration Institute Australia)

Paul (not his real name) a migration agent has posted a very stirring blog that speaks of fairness and inclusivity regarding the upcoming referendum of constitutional recognition. It implores our better angels

As a group dedicated to the rights of refugee/migrant it is a sentiment that VISA embraces whole heartedly and commend the aspiration of a more just and inclusive society.

However, these words by Paul would be more compelling were he not a member of the MIA board of directors.

The MIA board of directors has a long history of lying to its members – of treating MIA members unfairly – the MIA board is a group that either colluded with or turned a blind eye the to appalling behavior of their colleague and MIA Fellow of more than 20 years and former Vice President of Victoria MIA Jack Ta – a man who had his license cancelled for his corrupt and deceptive treatment of vulnerable refugees and migrants. (Not to mention the corrupt and bullying behavior of former President Kevin Lane as reported elsewhere.)

With the track record that the MIA board has regarding fairness and inclusivity – the word that spring to mind when the MIA board speak of their commitment to fairness and inclusivity is – hypocrisy!

Consequently – and yet again we say to all lawyers and RMAs that want better – when you are sick of the stench of the MIA board’s unfairness & corruption – move on up to fairness inclusivity and community – Join VISA! As the man says for the price of a cheap cup of coffee per week – its paid for itself already.

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